Simon Faithfull is a curator/artist and aside from curating Container-ship has exhibited widely in a variety of contexts. Faithfull's gallery based work takes the form of site-specific installation, but often in a sense that extends beyond the galleries’ walls to ask questions about this ‘site’. A recurring concern within Simon Faithfull's work has been with the ‘connectivity’ of spaces and ideas. With ‘Hertford Union’ at the Chisenhale Gallery, Faithfull punctured the skin of a building and created an umbilical cord that tethered it to the awkward and unreliable world beyond the gallery.

The instability and shifting nature of the world has been a concern in a number of works. That polarity can shift, that personality is not a constant, that time and memory are mutable and that uncertainty is now a principle, have all informed his work. The discovery of twenty anagram aliases within his name spawned a series involving a fragmentation of self. Feeble alter egos huddle in the corners of gallery or shop waiting for a reason to be. An unspecified unease with the physical constraints of reality is the subject of another series of work - the Escape Vehicles. Imbued with the melancholy of failure, the vehicles invite the viewer to imagine occupancy but acknowledge that they are incapable of the pronouncement made within their title.