Artists' projects

Container-ship is an ongoing and developing platform for contemporary art.

The artists projects loaded on board are:

'A House Is Not A Home'
Using a combination of drawn images and simple animation, 'A House Is Not A Home' creates an uneasy interactive journey through a suburban dwelling.

A virtual world where a series of rooms are described partly through 3D modelling and partly through the unsettling prose scrawled on the walls throughout. The viewer wanders through the artist's past as depicted by the living spaces he has inhabited - the piece becoming a contemplation upon the fragility of memory.

'Now Here / Nowhere'
A piece focusing upon the disembodied nature of words in the limbo of hyper-space. Phrases scroll through limitless space, pining for the permanence of paper and passing comment on the waiting viewer. The piece paradoxically building to become a sceptical and yet eloquent critique of the often empty and frustrating nature of 'surfing'.

'Pigs Tails'
Ord develops an analogue to her studio practice in which a digitally captured video frame is slowly un-picked through time. Using information compression techniques, the image is reduced to areas of averaged colour which then dance in and out of the picture plane in response to the viewer.

Simon Faithfull 'Adelaide'
Information technology can be seen as an attempt to augment our own internal hard disks. Adelaide looks at the fragility of both human and electronic memory. The flow of simple line drawings dissolves in and out of their digital constituents, hinting at an underlying narrative which never quite solidifies. The drawings hang in the limbo of cyberspace in a way that seems to mimic how half remembered scenes hang in the folds of our memory.

Susan Collins Cruisin'
Viewing the commission as a site-specific project, Collins has inhabited container-ship with a chat-space which roams the ships various decks. Cruisin' explores issues of interaction in digital space and, in its addictive nature, examines how in this dislocated realm we yearn human interaction.

Anna Best error 404
Making connections in the less visited corridors of cyberspace, Best will seek out the 'local'. is about how to manifest something as ephemeral and intimate as an on-line relationship.

Janice Kerbel 'Bird Island:'
Entering the world of on-line real estate, Janice Kerbel will sell the dream of an island in the sun.

Container-ship will go on to 'travel' the world collecting containers in a rolling programme of curation. Initially, the programme will focus upon contemporary British art but will build to harness the specific climate of a series of international centres of art. It will become an analogy for the increasingly international aspect of artistic endeavour and help define the future of Internet art.

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