nmp - network museum & magazine project

nmp was founded in 1996.

Through interviews, reviews, opinion, news and specially commissioned on-line artwork, nmp brings together writers, curators, artists, thinkers and critics from Japan and around the world, to examine the state of contemporary art today, and set the standards for dialogue and media coverage of the arts into the future.

Brought to you from the heart of Tokyo, and covering Japan, Asia and the entire span of the contemporary art world, nmp is Japan's first bilingual contemporary art review on the Internet.

The Container-ship project was commissioned by Tom Vincent, editor, nmp international.

Dai Nippon Printing

Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd. (DNP) was established in 1876, with the name Shueisha, in central Tokyo. Since then it has expanded into a worldwide printing and communications company, and by 1973 was the world's largest comprehensive printing company in terms of sales.

Despite the name, DNP is involved in a broad range of activities beyond printing, including packaging, satellite communications, galleries, and multimedia and virtual reality.


e-2 is a digital arts production company. Its remit is to develop innovative arts projects within electronic media. Working with organisations and individual artists, e-2 seeks to develop the Internet and other digital media as spaces for contemporary art and culture.

e-2 was founded by Simon Faithfull, Peter Moore, and Mark Brown bringing together the skills of artist/curator, Internet producer and graphic designer.